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What is pre-settlement funding?

Pre-settlement funding provides cash now for plaintiffs awaiting their court decision or settlement. The cash you receive from Bridge Loan, Inc can be used to pay medical bills, legal fees, or other general expenses. Bridge Loan, Inc gives you access to your cash now so you don't have to wait.

How does pre-settlement funding work?

Once you contact Bridge Loan, Inc and give us some basic information regarding your case, we will reach out to the attorney handling your case to obtain information regarding the lawsuit. We then estimate the value of your case and the risk involved according to the information we receive. A cash advance is offered to you based on that estimate.


Funding is done as an ‘advance’ of the settlement.  No payment is required prior to settlement but partial payments or payment in full prior to settlement when possible is encouraged to reduce the amount owed at settlement.  There are no penalties or additional fees for paying off the loan(s) prior to settlement.

What are the requirements for funding?







The Client must have legal representation.


The client or his/her legal representative must come to our office to receive the funding.


You must provide us with enough information to perform a simple evaluation of  the case.


The case must be large enough to support the repayment of the loan.


The client must be competent to contract.

What type of cases qualify for pre-settlement funding?

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You get your cash now instead

of waiting for your settlement.


You can take care of any unexpected bills or expenses before your case settles.


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Benefits of Bridge Loan, Inc's

Pre-Settlement Funding

•    Personal Injury

•    Medical Malpractice

•    Auto Accidents

•    Product Liability

•    Wrongful Death

•    General Liability

•    And many more. Call for details.


Why should I get pre-settlement funding?

Pre-settlement funding is an excellent choice for anyone who is waiting for a future settlement but needs access to those funds now. It's very common for medical bills, legal fees, or other household expenses to start piling up as a result of your case. We make it possible for you to access those funds when you need them instead of having to wait. You'll have access to your money for any reason you choose whether its bills or even that vacation you always dreamed of. Give us a call and get your cash today!

For more details on how you can get a cash advance on your future settlement, give us a call or fill out this form online and we will show you how pre-settlement funding can work for you.

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